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Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Hey y’all, it’s me this month! Some know my story and many don’t. I will share a portion with you this month.

I was born in Arizona and raised in Pennsylvania for the most part. Throughout my childhood I experienced being sexually abused, my family was either in a shelter or living with family. We had our own home for a few years here and there too. When we gained stability it was then ripped away from us because of the choices of the grown folks in my life. Nevertheless, we still had family and the Lord. My mom kept us in church.

Throughout this time for me starting at seven years old I had to learn strategy to help because that’s who I am and what I do. So I began selling coloring pages and braided bracelets in a trailer park in Tucson, AZ to make some money. I’d like to say this was my introduction to entrepreneurship and goal setting. My profit was pretty good for day one about five bucks.

Over the years this is how I would live my life because our living situation would not get better and my responsibility became greater over the years. I started a babysitting service to help with household needs and to purchase myself clothing. I later became a teen mom of a set of twins. This required another level of goal planning, implementation, and execution. I graduated high one year early, went onto college, and then got my first apartment as soon as I was allowed (18).

Through this entire time all I did was pray, there were times when I was scared or when I didn’t feel the fear because I did not have the choice to. There wasn’t anyone on earth who was going to do it for me. The older I got the more I realized that it was nothing but God that has been guiding my life through his will. One way he was doing this is by showing me how to set and achieve goals.

To be truthful, over the years I have suffered the pitfalls of because I did not realize the value of who God has created me to be this entire time. Even as I write this I think, wow Lisa “You had the foresight to start a business at seven years old!” You are the bomb! However at the age of 35, I now know my value and that all the knowledge gained in previous years is for such a time as this. Back then I had no glue, I was just trying to survive. Now my focus is thriving, embracing life, and love while walking everything God has for me.

What does it mean to you to pursue your God-Given Goals?

Pursuing my God-Given Goals means doing exactly what God has told me to do and being confident in who he has created me to be even though it may not line up with the norms of everyone around me.

Pursuing my God-Given Goals means walking in faith, love, and being courageous like David when he was faced with Goliath should something come to deter me from my purpose.

Pursuing my God-Given Goals means that I take ownership of what God has called me to do and even if I mess up I know he’s there to catch, because he called me to pursue them.

Finally, pursuing my God-Given Goals means being mindful and led by God in what I do so I don’t waste time, money, and energy.

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