Victoria R. Gaskin

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Victoria R Gaskin is a writer and author, with an entrepreneur's spirit, in the Lawton, Oklahoma area. Victoria is a dedicated military wife and mother of three, with an innate ability of being genuine, honest and direct, yet compassionate and gentle with the hearts of people. 

From a lost single teenage parent to a woman well aware of her purpose: Victoria helps women and young-adults live authentic and purpose-pursuing lives with; information, education, inspiration, and by confidently and effectively sharing her faith and relative real-life experience, to embolden them to excel forward in their passion, purpose, and profession.

What does it mean to you to pursue your God Given Goals?

To me, pursuing my God Given Goals makes life worth living and goals worth pursuing because I have a faithful Father who has forged an exact plan for my life that equates to me conquering it.

Pursuing my God Given Goals means forsaking everything that would distract me from going in the direction of God’s leading and my ordained destiny. It means keeping my eyes on Christ and walking in child-like faith as He directs my steps along the way. It means I can be more than courageous because I will never experience defeat, but will always fall forward while gaining ground in my purpose.

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